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The beginning of forever…A Reflection on Outlander 3.13 “Eye of the Storm”

via The beginning of forever…A Reflection on Outlander 3.13 “Eye of the Storm”


Outlander released a trailer for season 3… that last scene got me!

Thank you, Beth! You share _your_ feelings and that’s what makes your blog so popular! What a wonderful poem! You should meme that with the picture of her putting her curl behind her ear 😍

My Outlander Blog!

Some you may have noticed I’ve been a bit scarce. My life has been taking me in directions away from Outlander, but tonight I got right back on the path leading to the season 3 premiere!  We have a 2 minute trailer to watch and re-watch and speculate over!  Oh, happy day! I’ve only watched it three times and I’m sure it will spark some reflection and writing soon, but what I was left with tonight was the poignancy of that last scene. I continue to be grateful for the attention to detail and care this team gives my favorite story.  When I saw Claire fixing her hair, I have to admit I got choked up.  I’ve always been moved by Claire’s womanly insecurity and the courage it took her to open that door.  In fact, I wrote a poem about it several years ago.  Here is my little poem.


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Let’s Read a Book…………..Or 2 DIA Week 3 Chapters 11-14

output_rwRtsPAs you can see, I’ve learned a new trick.  I’ve only made one gif and now I’ve haven’t made more in a few days.  My teacher will be having to teach me again!!  Thanks, @pellicott1, for sharing your expertise!!  😍  I was going to wax poetic about the significance of the dragonfly captured in amber, but not today!! I have a trip out of town planned, so you are getting the bare bones!!  I’m cutting and pasting and that’s that!!  Don’t cheer too loudly, please! 😁😥

These chapters give us 3 of the most endearing characters in the book, I think! I can’t say too much more about Fergus, Mother Hildegarde and Bouton because of spoilers to the new readers, but you tried and true voracious readers know what I am talking about.  I will always want MORE!! AND if you haven’t read The Space Between (you must finish Voyager for it to make sense, though!!) READ IT!!  Yes, I yelled at you!!

Okay, I said this would be quick!!  Know that I totally enjoy doing this and it is truly an honor to know you took the time to read and look up the links.  There’s always something more to learn!

Tone deaf
One opinion, but this is not from a brain injury!!
Read as far as you can. Then it wants money! And it was actually interesting enough to want to read! 😯
Don’t always want to rely on Wikipedia, but this is a very good explanation. Why am I so interested that I’m over sharing?? Music teacher and musician!!  I must insert my opinion as a music teacher here, I NEVER tell anyone they can’t sing! Why? Mostly because of the reasons above.  They weren’t nurtured and worked with.  We aren’t given the time or resources in public schools to work with the musically challenged.  We do what we can.  And, sadly, it isn’t enough, sometimes.  Music is the one thing that you can do your whole life, and the love of that fact is what kept me going as an educator.  I have a great poster that I can never read without crying, but I can’t find it.  I’m sure I will find time to post since I love to wax poetic!

This is fascinating to me, anyway😝

HandelHandel's tuning fork
The science of music is a totally undervalued subject in the public school world.  Well, in my neck o’ the woods, anywhoo.  Sad, sad, sad!!   This is very lovely, just not of this time period.
Opera/ballet by that name 18th C Offenbach composed.

Harpsichords built like a piano with strings, but they are plucked instead of struck


a man’s wig of the 17th and 18th centuries, usually powdered and gathered at the back of the neck with a ribbon; periwig.

a thick, low post, usually of iron or steel, mounted on a wharf or the like, to which mooring lines from vessels are attached.
a small post to which lines are attached.
bitt (def 1).

Borrowing from a Jane Austen blog, here are some interesting facts on shoes.
Pictures of shoes that fit either foot until broken in!

Couldn’t figure out the design at first!! Step patterns! Love this!!
This is a great YouTube link for baroque dances while in costume. Gives a great visual for the movement of the gowns during the dance!
I’m so excited to meet Mother Hildegarde!!
The fight about who knows best about the others well being!!
“So, I’m going to go to the hospital tomorrow.” I stretched on tiptoe to reach down my medicine box from its shelf. “Maybe I won’t take it along with me the first time,” I said, scanning the contents meditatively. “It might seem too pushing. Do you think?”
“Pushing?” He sounded stunned. “Are ye meaning to visit the place, or move into it?”
“Er, well,” I said. I took a deep breath. “I, er, thought perhaps I could work there regularly. Herr Gerstmann says that all the physicians and healers who go there donate their time. Most of them don’t turn up every day, but I have plenty of time, and I could—”
“Plenty of time?”
“Stop repeating everything I say,” I said. “Yes, plenty of time. I know it’s important to go to salons and supper parties and all that, but it doesn’t take all day—at least it needn’t. I could—”
“Sassenach, you’re with child! Ye dinna mean to go out to nurse beggars and criminals?” He sounded rather helpless now, as though wondering how to deal with someone who had suddenly gone mad in front of him.”
“I hadn’t forgotten,” I assured him. I pressed my hands against my belly, squinting down.
“It isn’t really noticeable yet; with a loose gown I can get away with it for a time. And there’s nothing wrong with me except the morning sickness; no reason why I shouldn’t work for some months yet.”
“No reason, except I wilna have ye doing it!” Expecting no company this evening, he had taken off his stock and opened his collar when he came home. I could see the tide of dusky red advancing up his throat.
“Jamie,” I said, striving for reasonableness. “You know what I am.”
“You’re my wife!”
“Well, that, too.” I flicked the idea aside with my fingers. “I’m a nurse, Jamie. A healer. You have reason to know it.”

Excerpt From: Gabaldon, Diana. “Dragonfly in Amber.” Bantam Books, 2010. iBooks.
This material may be protected by copyright.

What a clash of centuries and stubborn minds!!

These will be ‘out of turn’ but here is a list of 20th century terms that J learned in this section!!

Bosh-absurd or foolish talk; nonsense
1830-35; < Turkish boş empty; popularized from its use in the novel Ayesha (1834) by British author James J. Morier (1780-1849)

Sauce for the gander-
This is hilarious!! 😉😉😉

Horse feathers-Origin of horsefeathers
1925-30, Americanism; horse + feathers, as euphemism for horses**t       Must’ve learned from a yank!!

Bob’s your uncle- this actually has quite a history!! And Scotland is in there!!

Back to the fight that is still going on!!
J-“What if I forbid ye?” C-“The only idea I rejected absolutely was that of giving in”
**When does submission to one’s significant other become paramount to keeping the peace?
**Have you had this same fight in one way shape or form??!!

**Where’s does J’s frustration actually lie?

British Thermal Units – my new thing for the day!! BTUs are still used! And in America, too!!
Scientific explanation-One BTU is equal to the amount of energy used to raise the temperature of one pound of water one degree Fahrenheit. In most applications the BTU has been replaced by the joule, but BTU remains a popular measurement of heating and cooling equipment.

The cutest normal conversation about baby names!! These two NEVER get to have a normal moment. So, so cute!!

Another DG moment of genius….the voice’s timing from the fireplace! Loved it!!

A live prince bows to his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth

This is nice:

Two of my favorite quotes from this assignment:

“Serve him right,” he murmured. “A man ought to be married.”
“Perhaps Louise could use a bit of solace, I thought, after her quarrel of the night before. Vulgar curiosity, I told myself primly, had nothing whatsoever to do with it.”

Excerpt From: Gabaldon, Diana. “Dragonfly in Amber.” Bantam Books, 2010. iBooks.
This material may be protected by copyright.

Ragweed is not goldenrod!!–How-to-identify-the-difference-between-Ragweed-and-Goldenrod

Do NOT blame poor, beautiful goldenrod on your allergies to ragweed!! 😊 I saw a topiary made of goldenrod and it was stunning!! Still on my lottd (list of things to do) 😱

To wax or not to wax, that is the question!! ROTF!! Totally loved this waxing episode!! Will it make the show? Will all the writers/producers figure out that we want to see endearing moments that aren’t always sexual between our two beloved J/C

Modern waxing-model could be a Brianna candidate😁

“What, she’s taken the hairs off her honeypot?” he said, horrified into uncharacteristic vulgarity.”

Excerpt From: Gabaldon, Diana. “Dragonfly in Amber.” Bantam Books, 2010. iBooks.
This material may be protected by copyright.

Sam says

Probably a controversial statement, but when C piped down, submitted, the man had a chance to calm down, think about it and then come to his senses!! How often do both parties blow up and stand firm on their boxes of stubbornness!! Life lessons here?

Nurses- once more I go to Wikipedia for a readable version!!

I can-NOT wait to see Francis de la Tour as Reverend Mother Hildegarde!! I know…… this is the BOOK!! But it’s my blog and I’ll stray if I want to, Stray if I want to, Stray if I want to!! You would stray to if this was happ’ning to you!!

Diseases C had listed:





Stinking Pyemia-too many choices of technical babble. Basically stinky pus seeping from anything from a tooth or wound or even a body. Bleh!!


Diabetes testing has come a long way!! Eeeewwwwww!!

Modern testing and/or control of diabetes: take your pick!!

“How was it, Sassenach?” Jamie asked.
“Horrible!” I answered, beaming broadly.”

Excerpt From: Gabaldon, Diana. “Dragonfly in Amber.” Bantam Books, 2010. iBooks.
This material may be protected by copyright.

Loved this section. Talking shop!!

Bouton a cross between a poodle and a dachshund

Love how C calls him MHs ‘familiar’
Service Animals


Meeting Fergus!! Dontcha just want to pinch his little French cheeks?!!


Steamed pudding
Here’s quick. I like quick

Here’s traditional

Here are steamers

Vegetable marrows are not an American term😁 be enlightened!!


Recipes for what I would use zucchini, basically

Charcuterie YES, PLEASE!!

map photoJ was actually chased TO a real street, he just didn’t start out on a real street!!  Genius of DG.  I believed!! I believed!!
Marlin spikes

Fish knives


Mockingbird singing

Warning!! Contains butts and not pretty ones!! Plexus nerve blocks.

Let’s Read a Book….Or 2 DIA Week 2 7-10

Slide1Been trying to divide my time more evenly.  <<sigh>>  A little here, a little there! I do feel guilty, just a little, though, listening to my husband put more mud on the drywall while I sit and visit with you all.  I keep him fed and watered, though, so I don’t totally ignore him!!  I’ll post a picture more towards the end.  He’s working and I don’t want to call attention to the fact that I’m not!

I am starting with Chapter 6 information since I wigged out of it last week.  Gosh, I taught myself the hard way that saving the blog to type, church and no nap on Sunday’s is TOOooooooo much!!  funny-demotivational-posters-stressedAnd before I begin Chapter 6, I MUST post this YouTube that Bear McCreary posted:  Bear’s bagpipes:   I knew I liked this guy!!

Well, what a way to begin a chapter…..puking your guts out! I was so lucky with my first, no morning sickness, but the second??? OMG! We kept saltines on the night stand and DH was willing and ready to go make hot water for tea! My Jamie and I didn’t even know it yet! The woman who would become by children’s babysitter had a great remedy for nausea, pour a little hot tea over a saltine and sprinkle some sugar over it.  Her mother was British, so I wonder if that came from her? Worked like a charm!!

Here’s a clinical look at something most of us have suffered: Morning sickness

When beginning the research on Hock, I thought I would hit a wall, but Hock is still made and enjoyed over the world.  I’ll have to look and see if my favorite liquor store carries it!  Hock is not listed, though 😥


Had to learn a new word, did you?

Le Havre a real place to visit!

Carbochon ruby:  If you didn’t realize, a carbochon is a rounded, polished stone with a flat back.  It has no facets to sparkle, but the result is still beautiful!! I’d take one! Ruby is my birthstone, so I have a few lovely rings, but not a carbochon.

Now, when Jamie comes home from his first visit with Jared, he is in a quandary over the color of Claire’s eyes.  Not that she gets it right away as he is speaking as if she can see in his “heid” as many a drunk person does! No, I don’t know by personal example!!

Colors of sherry, whisky and brandy

“Jamie,” I said, “how, exactly, do you decide whether you’re drunk?”
Aroused by my voice, he swayed alarmingly to one side, but caught himself on the edge of the mantelpiece. His eyes drifted around the room, then fixed on my face. For an instant, they blazed clear and pellucid with intelligence.
“Och, easy, Sassenach. If ye can stand up, you’re not drunk.” He let go of the mantelpiece, took a step toward me, and crumpled slowly onto the hearth, eyes blank, and a wide, sweet smile on his dreaming face.
“Oh,” I said.”

Excerpt From: Gabaldon, Diana. “Dragonfly in Amber.” Bantam Books, 2010. iBooks.
This material may be protected by copyright.

Cute little hedgehogs.  These probably aren’t the kind Claire and Jamie had experienced!  Hedgehogs

Since costumes for Season 2 are being watched like a hawk (eagle?) I’m confused, but they both have sharp eyes!!CM7ngXvWIAAUcOJ.jpg_largeCM7u3XaWcAA7ceS

here are some photos of business men of the 18th century.  What does a successful businessman look like in 1744?

Belle Rouge port real or DG?? I think DG!  When I googled it, LOTS of things popped up, but no ports.  Got girls in red, Baton Rouge (like I didn’t know how to spell) The only thing spelled exactly the same was chickens.  Yes, chickens, so here are the ‘girls’!!

Three masted ships w/two canons: apologies, some of these are models. Not hunting anymore tonight. You can scan as quickly as I can!! Find The Arabella yourself! 😁😝 (this was researched a few nights ago.  Remember, I’m trying to pace myself!!)
Here is one for sail–sale, sans canons because it’s modern. I could live on this!

Some more ship information. Reefed and tied sails-



I always wanted to do a barefoot or windjammer cruise. Gosh, what a thing to put on my bucket list!!!

If you’re just an off the shelf wine drinker, like I am, and buy it because you recognize the name or just like the name, then here are some sites for you to dig into so you sound SMART about wine!

A sommelier is a wine steward. Become one here!

If you’re a wino, I mean a wine drinker, you will adore this article!! Info on describing wine flavors!!

And this wine tasting article has a morality lesson attached!!

Patois –


Pinhão-Top of the list? Port wine!

Was the sickness policy to really set fire to the ship?    I looked and looked and reworded and looked some more for this policy.  It made sense but never did find confirmation of it.  The idea sure helped set up conflict in the book for months! And IF you’ve read “The Space Between” years of conflict!!

Marlin-spikes-Gosh, gave me heart failure when this popped on screen. Nope, I wouldn’t mess with a wiry guy carrying one of these!! Jared’s men were WELL armed!!

Rue Tremoulins-to heck with if this is a real street in Paris or not!! You HAVE to explore this site!! Outlander World has been mapped out in google earth!! There are symbols all over the map. Explore till your silly, oops, that’s us already, and till your heart’s content doesn’t apply, either. Just have fun with this!! Tilt and enlarge until you see France/England if you’re using a phone. You’ll get it! If you open it on computer it will ask you if you want to open in google earth. OMG OMG OMG and you think _I_ went to a lot of work!  This is truly amazing!!


Jarod’s opinion of wives😉😉 “Jared told me once that a man of business should never form entanglements with unmarried ladies—he said they demand too much in terms of expense and time. And if ye marry them, they’ll run through your money and you’ll end up a pauper.”
“Fine opinion he’s got of wives,” I said. “What does he think of your marrying, in spite of all this helpful advice?”
Jamie laughed. “Well, I havena got any money to start with, so I can hardly be worse off. He thinks you’re verra decorative; he says I must buy ye a new gown, though.”

Excerpt From: Gabaldon, Diana. “Dragonfly in Amber.” Bantam Books, 2010. iBooks.
This material may be protected by copyright.

For the fabric challenged!   Plissé – fabric that has a pucker
Charmeuse-Lots of ads but very enlightening! Wisegeek is actually a good site! Just cramped when on my phone.  I’ll post some pix, too!

Pictures of Charmeuse

Annalise de Marillac—- ooooo!! The new girl on the block to despise! She has the nerve to act possessive of Jamie while at court! Worse than Leghair!!  Never thought I’d ever say that!

Jamie’s jealous possessiveness! 😂😂😂  I thought I saw sketches of “the red dress” earlier in it’s life, but no one seems to know what I’m talking about and I didn’t see them on Terry’s site, so I must be crazy.  I did find some lovely, lovely courtier outfits.  I didn’t find any too reveling, though.  Maybe I should have said X-rated courtier clothing 😱

French court dress from 18th century

This was a new word to me, though I maybe, MAYBE should’ve known it’s American definition, which I didn’t….Parterres-  American def is a theatre term.

Here’s another OMG site!! There are people who seriously get with this programming stuff!  Wow!  The Palace at Versailles is breath taking!  Gardens of Versailles OMG!! This is an interactive site and don’t be afraid to touch buttons and toggle between map and satellite! I want to play on it instead of going on!!

The Humors – It describes what the ‘ancients’ thought of how the body worked and how to cure it.  What would your status be?

This is a test of the humor broadcasting system TAKE it!! Much better explanation than the above site!

A pretty cool interactive explanation of Humors!!
If you look in the fourth paragraph, you will see links to humours and there is one for test.  Look at both.  You will be smarter.  The humours show up in a lot more books as it was the philosophy of the time that Claire is living in.

Cabalists-this is more difficult to define. I think it’s based on a mystical Jewish sect but there are some mean websites when I google it with no real definition! @Writer_DG what’s up with that?!!

More for the ‘fabrically’ challenged! Moiré-history of:
Modern colors-
Historic pictures-

Nick names for willie and the psychology??- this is very unlike me but the time of night I was looking for this made all bets off! It’s pretty funny and, well, it’s just funny!!  


Dog chasing pigeons

***And what famous game is C quoting: “Go to hell, Jamie,” I said at last, wiping my eyes. “Go directly to hell. Do not pass Go. Do not collect two hundred dollars. There. Do you feel better now?”
“Aye, I do,” he said, his expression lightening. “When ye start to talk daft, I know you’re all right.”

Excerpt From: Gabaldon, Diana. “Dragonfly in Amber.” Bantam Books, 2010. iBooks.
This material may be protected by copyright.

***The Duke and Jack Randall??!!🙈😳🙈😤😱😡
No, it’s Alex Randall. Wow! What a relief?  Were you freaking???  I was!

Arpège is a famous fragrance.  Where have _I_ been??

L’Heure Bleu purchase some from Sephora!!

And when we think it can’t get more romantic, DG gives us this!!

“D’ye mind the blood vow that I swore ye when we wed?”
“Yes, I think so. ‘Blood of my blood, bone of my bone …’ ”
“I give ye my body, that we may be one,” he finished. “Aye, and I have kept that vow, Sassenach, and so have you.” He turned me slightly, and one hand cupped itself gently over the tiny swell of my stomach.”
“Blood of my blood,” he whispered, “and bone of my bone. You carry me within ye, Claire, and ye canna leave me now, no matter what happens. You are mine, always, if ye will it or no, if ye want me or nay. Mine, and I wilna let ye go.”
I put a hand over his, pressing it against me.
“No,” I said softly, “nor can you leave me.”
“No,” he said, half-smiling. “For I have kept the last of the vow as well.”
“He clasped both hands about me, and bowed his head on my shoulder, so I could feel the warm breath of the words upon my ear, whispered to the dark.
“For I give ye my spirit, ’til our life shall be done.”

Excerpt From: Gabaldon, Diana. “Dragonfly in Amber.” Bantam Books, 2010. iBooks.
This material may be protected by copyright.

Under 2000 words!  So proud!

Oh, the bathroom is coming along.  The cabinets and counter top are ordered, flooring is picked out and here.  Must pick a paint color.  We might have a functional bathroom in a week!! It only took 3 years.  👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏photo-4 photo-3Respectfully submitted,

@woodzey1, Researcher Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 4.38.32 PM@b304SMN, ModeratorScreen Shot 2015-08-02 at 4.38.58 PM

To See or Not to See, That Is the Question

A must read for everyone!! 😍👏👏👏👏👏

The Art of Aging

ND GIF            What do I need with eyes?

I’ve hit another small bump along the aging highway.  My vision is getting worse due to both cataracts and glaucoma!  When I realized this could cause legal if not total blindness, I became very depressed about some of the things I would never see again.  In no particular order, they were:  Husband’s face, daughters’ faces, dog’s face, checkbook balance, colors, art, movies, trees, books, flowers, etc. etc.  If you put these two pictures together, this is what my vision is like now.

cataract2Vision with Cataracts

glaucoma2Vision with Glaucoma

I see things fuzzy with a lighted halo around them.  To ease your fears and mine, there are many ways to treat these diseases.  However, I couldn’t let this pass without exploring the funny things that can happen with impaired vision.  And then the snark began…..

First of all, I will be much happier when I look…

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Let’s Read a Book…..or 2 DIA Week 1

Slide1Well, it’s Sunday afternoon again and you are just getting this information.  😁  And don’t forget the time change tonight.  1 hour earlier!!  We are excited to have Mrs. Fitz back as moderator tonight.  We’ve missed her greatly, though we did hold our own while she was gone.

I was lucky enough to come late to the table.  What I mean is that when I finished Outlander, I ordered Dragonfly in Amber IMMEDIATELY!!!  I don’t know how you early readers kept your sanity when you had to wait for the release of the next book.  Well, I suppose I can empathize because of Droughtlander 2 or Withoutlander, whatever the  phraseology of the week is, but to have to wait for years?????  Kudos to the die hard original fans!!

PS-Bathroom is still in a state of flux (wee plumbing joke there) so I won’t bore you with pictures YET!!!


“I woke three times in the dark predawn. First in sorrow, then in joy, and at the last, in solitude. The tears of a bone-deep loss woke me slowly, bathing my face like the comforting touch of a damp cloth in soothing hands. I turned my face to the wet pillow and sailed a salty river into the caverns of grief remembered, into the subterranean depths of sleep.”
“I came awake then in fierce joy, body arched bowlike in the throes of physical joining, the touch of him fresh on my skin, dying along the paths of my nerves as the ripples of consummation spread from my center. I repelled consciousness, turning again, seeking the sharp, warm smell of a man’s satisfied desire, in the reassuring arms of my lover, sleep.”
“The third time I woke alone, beyond the touch of love or grief. The sight of the stones was fresh in my mind. A small circle, standing stones on the crest of a steep green hill. The name of the hill is Craigh na Dun; the fairies’ hill. Some say the hill is enchanted, others say it is cursed. Both are right. But no one knows the function or the purpose of the stones.
Except me.”

Excerpt From: Gabaldon, Diana. “Dragonfly in Amber.” Bantam Books, 2010. iBooks.
This material may be protected by copyright.

This already had my heart broken.  The last I read, C and J were together and going to Italy or staying in France, but to be smacked with the word ‘sorrow’ made me not put the book down for another 2 hours.  I’m sure this was a middle of the night reading marathon.  I must’ve retired from teaching so I could read this series!!!

I also found the fact that Roger had the POV at first.  Totally unexpected and very effective in keeping me reading, not knowing where we were heading in the book.

My next house will have floor to ceiling bookcases.  If I have to choose between bookcases and a craftroom, though, the craftroom will win out. I wonder if I could combine them??


Or if you’re a built it yourself kinda girl/guy, here’s instructions!!

I looked and looked for Oxford professor photos from 1968.  I got current pictures of professors from 1968, so no luck there, but enjoy the robes and pomp of ceremony photos.  I did find a younger history professor who is teaching this year.  Don’t know if he’s Scottish or not, though!

Oxford professors:
Here’s a cute, modern history professor 😝😊

I didn’t even try to google a modern Morris Minor because Roger didn’t drive a new one.  There are a very interesting car. To the CARRRRR!!

Ancient Morris Minors

I had an inkling as to what OxFam was, like an American Goodwill, but here is proof.  And I’ve worked with different fabrics for, dare I say, decades and have never worked in wool serge.  I don’t know what that speaks to  but here are the 2 links for Oxfam and serge fabric



Not to dwell, but here’s a review….

Gaberlunzies from Discussion 4😊😊😊


I know, the book, but this is Terry’s take on gaberlunzies

The Gaberlunzies Wallet

I found some very strange snuff mulls.  I found one made out of a ram’s head.  Yes, the whole head, eyeballs and all.  Bleh!  Here are the prettiful ones.

Snuff mulls

For those currently in need of a tailor in Edinburgh….

Historically, though, I believe the incorporation of tailors is a union. In searching for information on it, I discovered this pretty timeline on Edinburgh. Pick your century!

Roger is literally saved by the bell when he goes to contemplate the garage and it’s junk.  What do you have in your garage that you need to get rid of?? I don’t have a garage anymore, so it’s my closets that need to be gone through!!


Now I know why they gave Dr Who #10 a difficult time about his chucks on the 50th anniversary special. (I digress) Plimsolls were originally designed as beach shoes!!

“My how you’ve grown!” Most over used cliche in the world! At least she didn’t pinch his cheek (not THAT cheek) and pat him on top of the head.

Where Inverness is real, Broch Mordha is not.  Sorry, looked everywhere and all I found was Outlander references. I am not the first to stall on that search.

Glenfiddich single malt. Beware, they will ‘card’ you to enter the site! 😉 And if you’re a whisky lover, your mouth will water. Even if not, the pictures are eye-candy!!

And here is the train schedule for today or tomorrow…..

Want to travel from Inverness to Edinburgh today?? Here’s a timetable and ticket prices for the current day you look at the site!

History of the Inverness Rail Station

Here’s a Druid website and if you look along the right hand side, there is a list of sun festivals. Click Beltane and search till your hearts content!

“Whipping a fresh napkin from the stack over her arm, she industriously polished Roger’s toes, her red mane floating deliriously around his knees. Her head was rising, as she peered at his thighs, dabbing energetically at damp spots on the corduroy. Roger closed his eyes and thought frantically of terrible car crashes on the motorway and tax forms for the Inland Revenue and the Blob from Outer Space—anything that might stop him disgracing himself utterly as Brianna Randall’s warm breath misted softly through the wet fabric of his trousers.
“Er, maybe you’d like to do the rest yourself?” The voice came from somewhere around the level of his nose, and he opened his eyes to find a pair of deep blue eyes facing him above a wide grin. He rather weakly took the napkin she was offering him, breathing as though he had just been chased by a train.”

Excerpt From: Gabaldon, Diana. “Dragonfly in Amber.” Bantam Books, 2010. iBooks.
This material may be protected by copyright.

***Now, we get to Claire’s POV and when she asks “I wondered if he had any imagination….” What do you think? Will Roger have enough imagination for ALL that will be revealed? Word carefully if answering online!!

And back to Roger’s POV

***Roger is already enamored by Bree or would he just be hypnotized by any pretty girl?? 😉😉

How do you take YOUR tea!! Fun BuzzFeed quiz!

And a nice article in The Daily Mail

Bronzino painted a lot of things I had seen.  I just didn’t know it was him.  That’s my story, anyway! Bronzino’s

And Claire takes up the story again…..

***What do you think about Claire’s quip about Frank’s life work? I always thought DG was getting a little dig in about her own massive volumes of material.  Not complaining, but they are humongoid in literary terms.  Well, my terms, anyway.

Here are fireplace fenders.  I WANT ONE!!  But which one?? Fireplace fenders
Why have I never seen one of these before??!!

And here we are back to Roger’s POV

Donald Cameron was a real person!!!

***What are some reasons why James Fraser wouldn’t be on Claire’s list.  Think like Roger, not like a re-re-re-reader!!

Now for the yummy part!!  I have always been a purveyor of British authors.  Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Dame Agatha Christie, C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkein to name a few. I also read Martha Grimes, who is American, but writes wonderful police procedurals. All titled after pubs.  Nice!! You know, Inspector Jury might be a great next character for Sheugs. _Maybe_ Back to food!! I was always enamored by tea time.  Here are some recipes and some etiquette and history behind all that would be tea!  Even though she might not read my blog, I want to thank Outlander Kitchen Chef & Food Writer, Theresa Carle-Sanders.  When you can make it and then get the aroma, how much more real do you need?

Fiona’s Almond Sponge Cake Recipe from DIA and Outlander Kitchen( )

Scones and clotted cream recipes

Chestnut Tarts, but still looking for jam tarts!

UK jam tarts from Jamie Oliver

So cute!!

Cream cake

Southern Living (USA) Magazine tries English Tea 😝😊

British does Afternoon Tea

Cucumber Sandwiches  I always wondered how you could make sandwiches from cucumbers.  I thought maybe the cucumber slice was the bread.

Sooooooo hungry, now! I was doing this research last night before bedtime.  Bad, bad, bad time to do that!

High Tea vs. Afternoon Tea for the uninformed

This next one, I applaud Claire for making sure that Bree kept her posture.  As a musician poor posture was the bane of my existence.  I fought that more than anything else.  “It hurts..I AM standing straight..I’m breathing right..I can sit straight with my legs crossed..” AAAAAAAAaaaarrrrrgggghhhhhhhh!! Stand up and check to see which directions your thumbs go.  If they point ahead of you, you have good to GREAT posture.  If they point to each other, you have some work to do.  And no, I don’t mean turn your hands.  That will hurt!!  Straighten your shoulders and the thumbs will face the correct way.  It hurts because we all have poor posture.  Bad for breathing, bad for back pain and even how much sagging you do around your middle.  Good posture will take an inch off that waistline!!  Here some scientific information!! The science of good posture

Found another DG imaginary ‘friend’ :  Muir Breame

***Is anyone feeling any sympathy for Frank as Roger begins to discover news articles, pictures and his never ending searching of Briana’s face for traces of Frank?

I was worried about this next search.  I thought I would get into some weird photos or inappropriate photos, but I did find silk robes with peacocks on them.  It’s a very famous pattern and the robes can be used by men or women. Yellow peacock silk robes. No Rogers, though

And my foray into plumbing this week did NOT take me to the hot water heater, but here are some from days gone by along with a history of the porcelain god.  1940’s hot water geysers

A website dedicated to toilets from around the world!!

Chain pull toilets

A ‘quaint’ history of toilets Scroll down to see a mug shaped like a toilet. Don’t think I want that kinda mug😁

Thought this was hilarious!! 

***Roger has a dilemma and what would you do with the knowledge you have discovered about a girl who you  are beginning to have a crush on who has a beautiful mother that was a family friend of your father’s?  Well, what would you DO?

I thought this little bit was interesting about what the lowlands thought about the highlands.  Like a highlander would eat their children for breakfast or something…….here’s a folk- poem,‘How the first Heland-man of god was maid of Ane horse turd in argylle as is said’. Following his inauspicious creation, the Lowland poem gives to the eponymous Highlander one clear ambition: ‘I will doun in the lawland, lord, / And thair steill a kow.’ He goes on to vow never to work again if there is ever anything available to steal.

Monarchs and history.  Such a lot of rewriting.  How did they not do with erasers back then??  Made the scribes just redo the whole book, sounds like!

Interesting how monarchy writes/rewrites history

Queen V and Balmoral Castle

Buy your own Buchanan sett–1060/

As for y front underpants….

Modern Kilt Shop

***Now what’s a girl to do when she has been tiptoeing around a lie, a fabrication, of her life before Bree?  I can’t imagine holding all that in.  Would you have already told Bree about her beginnings??

***There is one moment between Bree and Claire that seems to be a moment of missing Frank.  Do you think Claire was really missing Frank or was it Jamie and Bree just didn’t know any better yet?

I know, I know, this is the BOOK, not the show, but when DG wrote “Just the color of your eyes, little beauty,” I literally heard Tobias in my head saying those words.  Kinda made me jump.  Just a little more harshness and it would’ve been BJR.😱

SOP-This is a word that goes around this military community like wildfire and you’d better know it–Standard Operating Proceedure–and I was curious as to what the Duke of Cumberland held as his SOP during and after Culloden Moor.  Here is what I found.  This is a very interesting article on the aftermath of Culloden and the Duke’s position

Has anyone ‘here’ been to Culloden Moor? I can imagine the want of respectful silence.  Though no one is buried at them, the Vietnam War Memorial and the Korean Conflict Memorial hold the same reverence.  And, of course, Arlington National Cemetary is also a quiet place.  I was at the VWM right after it was built and you could’ve heard a pin drop.  It’s not as quiet now, but the KCM is very haunting.  The granite walls have the photographs of the dead and missing etched into them.  There are lines of people waiting to walk by.

I read about the clan stones.  This is paraphrased, but they don’t actually mark where anyone was buried.  By the time they were erected, 1881, the knowing of where the mass graves were was all but lost.  And historians believe that they weren’t even separated by clans.  That would’ve been a difficult task and the British didn’t care.  No quarter, the order that means shoot the wounded, shows that.

Happy thought, happy thoughts!!

For the gardeners

And I really found rat satires!!  An historic rat satire, truly!!

My brain is beginning to fry, so you are going to get a jumble of information and not much talking from me and some of you are probably silently cheering.  Or you’re cheering out loud, I just can’t hear you from this far away!!

Real parish registers!!

Clava Cairns

The Art of Journal Keeping for health reasons
Historical diaries online:

Red Phone box along a desert highland road

Phone that Bree would’ve received a phone call from Roger on

St. Kilda is a place.  Just not the place we see in our heads.  I found a really cool site about St. Kilda, the real one. Take a virtual tour of St. Kilda on this website!!
Probably not the St. Kilda from DIA, though. Tis in the hielands, tho

I went looking for photos of abandoned or ancient kirks.  Lovely, lovely places!!

Choose your ‘deep rose silk’

Claire’s dream “For I had come back, and I dreamed once more, in the cool air of the Highlands. And the voice of my dream still echoed through ears and heart, repeated with the sound of Brianna’s sleeping breath.
“You are mine,” it had said. “Mine! And I will not let you go.”

Excerpt From: Gabaldon, Diana. “Dragonfly in Amber.” Bantam Books, 2010. iBooks.
This material may be protected by copyright.

Scottish Kirkyards
A book –
Pictures –
Conservators of the Kirkyards –

Plant presses


Pictures inside an old kirk….or2 where Briana and Roger share their first kiss

Lovely photos of Scottish churches, in ruins or no

Claire sees the stone-the OTHER stone Be still _her_ beating heart!!

Soldiers in ‘full fig’ assuming full uniform, full figure. There’s some full figures alright, as well, but mostly soldiers! 😉

And dragoon figurines!!

As she begins the tale, she can’t quite get started properly, but she gets going with this….
“I fought back the memory of our wedding night. He was a virgin; his hands had trembled when he touched me. I had been afraid too—with better reason. And then in the dawn he had held me, naked back against bare chest, his thighs warm and strong behind my own, murmuring into the clouds of my hair, “Dinna be afraid. There’s the two of us now.”

Excerpt From: Gabaldon, Diana. “Dragonfly in Amber.” Bantam Books, 2010. iBooks.
This material may be protected by copyright.

I’m sure some of this is out of order and some of it is immaterial, but there is a plethora of wonderful information out there to give our imaginations a boost.  Don’t forget, 7 PM cdt.  I’m sure Robert will post the world times for me if I prompt him!!  Thanks, Robert!

Respectfully submitted,

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