Let’s Read a Book……..Or 2 DIA Chapters 15-17

output_LqzMLgHA, just when you think you’re ahead, you’re behind and you don’t even have the whole assignment done.  <<sigh>>  Soooooo, how was _your_ week?  Just to catch you up……

photo(6) photo(7)Cracked marble and mirrors……Glad it’s not my 7 years of bad luck😁 But then the dry set set my DH’s teeth on edge…photo(5)So we turned it square to the wall……photo(2) photo(3)Made him so much happier, mostly!!  photo(4) photo(1)So, this was my week.  DD’s car crapped out and she now has MY vehicle.  Such a stranded feeling.  Haven’t felt that way in a long time!  Anyone got a low mileage Toyota they don’t mind unloading.  Single owner, little old lady (not from Pasedena) for CHEAP??  Moving on…….. (pun intended!😉)  🚘

Oh, so I got real excited that we were only doing 15-17, until I put the poster as the header and discovered that it was 15-19.  Oh, well.  You get what you get tonight and you’ll feel lucky for it.  😥😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆 Is this borderline hysterics??  YESSSSSSSS!!

In my hurry to post last week, I left off open carriages. Love to see these in period shows!

Know the name? Here’s the description! http://phrontistery.info/carriage.html

I imagine Forenz’s carraige was black, but here is a great picture!photo(10)

Human ingenuity cannot concoct a cypher which human ingenuity cannot resolve. — Edgar Allen Poe

Ciphers – history of https://securityblog.redhat.com/2013/08/14/a-brief-history-of-cryptography/


Examples of:

Morse code: photo(12)Shapes: photo(11)

Dancing Men from Sherlock Holmes: photo(13)And just one more for fun!! Jamie had his work cut out for him because there were thousands of ciphers to choose from.
Let me remind you that music is a code…as well, and not just as C and MH have discovered together.  ABCDEFG can spell quite a few words on their own and we have a plethora of ways to teach the code key to students. I won’t go on and on and on and on…….because you all probably don’t share my passion, so we wills stop here!

This has some interesting information and links to more interesting information! http://www.royal.gov.uk/HistoryoftheMonarchy/Scottish%20Monarchs(400ad-1603)/TheStewarts/JamesIII.aspx

Another link to Jacobites (same site) http://www.royal.gov.uk/HistoryoftheMonarchy/Scottish%20Monarchs(400ad-1603)/TheJacobiteClaimants/TheJacobiteClaimants.aspx

Very ‘factual’, short reads.

And maybe you knew already but the original lyrics to The Skye Boat Song are about Prince Charlie! https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Skye_Boat_Song

The life and death of Louis XV in a 3 minute film- pause on the readings. They don’t give you enough time to finish and I’m a quick reader http://youtu.be/D32g88i_i5w

Popes during the time of The Pretenders were Clement XII and Benedict XIV. Charlie’s younger brother, Henry, entered priesthood and was therefore ineligible to stay an heir to the throne. Though he did declare himself as Henry IX. Read about the irony of his title since it was Henry VIII that dissolved the allegiance with Rome!!

There is a lovely monument to the Stuart pretenders in St. Peter’s Basilica. And George III paid for it. More irony!! http://stpetersbasilica.info/Monuments/Stuarts/Stuarts.htm

The ’15
This is an interactive website about the Jacobite rebellion of 1715. Touch an arrow and go into details!! Hours have gone by!! http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/education/resources/jacobite-1715/

Orris root, or Iris, the magical side!! We don’t believe but it’s fun to look!! http://www.alchemy-works.com/herb_orris_root.html
Practical side: https://www.mountainroseherbs.com/products/orris-root-powder/profile

Valerian Root

Hospitals in London http://www.nhshistory.net/voluntary_hospitals.htm

Hospital in New France (Canada) http://www.historymuseum.ca/virtual-museum-of-new-france/daily-life/health-and-medicine/

Closing of inefficient/corrupt hospitals in 17th century France http://hssh.journals.yorku.ca/index.php/hssh/article/viewFile/16697/15555

Dogs and how they accept us….or not! Bouton’s holding of Jamie in the doorway

I must need to spend more time on this site!! Mother Hildegarde’s musical talent explained http://www.pianonoise.com/Article.Simple_gifts.htm
Synesthesia http://www.spring.org.uk/2014/05/6-intriguing-types-of-synesthesia-tasting-words-seeing-sounds-hearing-colours-and-more.php

Perfect Pitch vs Relative Pitch

Welcome to my world!! http://youtu.be/WXbHOnHAG-g
That just begins to cover what musicians know, but Mother Hildegarde is (was?) an exceptional musician!

Refectory table – http://m.wisegeek.com/what-is-a-refectory-table.htm

photo(14) photo(16)

A blog on handwritten bag pipe music!! From Glasgow, even!! https://universityofglasgowlibrary.wordpress.com/2012/07/24/the-piobaireachd-society-music-and-teaching/


Bach Invention 1- http://youtu.be/cCSQ9M7Bcvw   You have to watch the invention, the little guy is 4!!

Goldberg Variations – http://youtu.be/15ezpwCHtJs

Rameau Suite en G  (Though I do believe the time frame is off on this composition. Shhhhh!!)

Gutenberg is well known for its medical museum. Most every time I search for a medical instrument, it shows up. Dry, boring reading, but if you scroll through, you’ll find an odd assortment of lancets, fleams and basins.

Here is an ode to his lancet!! 1841, Baltimore, MD😁
To My Spring-Lancet
Years have passed since first we met,
Pliant and ever-faithful-slave!
Nobly thou standest by me yet,
Watchful as ever and as brave.

O, were the power of language thine,
To tell all thou hast seen and done,
Methinks the curious would incline,
Their ears to dwell they tales upon!

I love thee, bloodstain’d, faithful friend!
As warrior loves his sword or shield;
For how on thee did I depend
When foes of Life were in the field!

Those blood spots on thy visage, tell
That thou, thro horrid scenes, hast past.
O, thou hast served me long and well;
And I shall love thee to the Last!

A thousand mem’ries cluster round thee
In all their freshness! thou dost speak
Of friends far distant-friends who found thee
Aye with thy master, prompt to wreak

Vengeance on foes who strove to kill
With blows well aim’d at heart or head—
Thieves that, with demon heart and will,
Would fain have on they vials fed.

O, They have blessed thee for thy aid,
When grateful eyes, thy presence, spoke;
Thou, anguish’d bosoms, glad hast made,
And miser’s tyrant sceptre broke.
Now, when ’mong strangers, is our sphere,
Thou, to my heart, are but the more
Endear’d—as many a woe-wring tear
Would plainly tell, if from me tore!

WebMD’s take on bitter cascara

Some famous ossuaries:


Animals might even seem creepier photo(17)

Straight from the Kabbalah’s mouth: (Caballa)

(Note item 4 in the intro)


This is fun to read, but barrowman isn’t on here. http://www.worldthroughthelens.com/family-history/old-occupations.php

Scots occupations, but again, barrowman is not included. http://www.scotsfamily.com/occupations.htm

So barrowmen either push coal carts from the mine to a repository or don’t exist in France. You could ‘assume’ they sell items from carts, but there is no, nil, nada or non proof on the Internet of that. 😁 I tried.

Modern French milled soap shopping – http://littlesoapshoppe.com/t/bar-soap

A very informative article on soap making!! http://tonisouth.com/top-10-questions-about-handmade-soap/

Attar of roses recipe – so you can see why rose essential oils is expensive!! http://www.food.com/recipe/attar-of-roses-72823

Some hip baths http://www.victoriana.com/Bathroom/antique-tub.html


We are skipping the soixante-neuf. If you can’t figure it out, then you are living under a deeper rock then me! 😳🙈

Here’s a site with beautiful pottery. Haven’t seen a French ewer yet. I’m still looking. http://mobile.onlinegalleries.com/art-and-antiques/search/jugs-ewers-and-pitchers-ceramics-england-18th-century

Here we go!! http://tinyurl.com/OLewersandbasins

Purchase American made linen towels here, but only if you have money to burn!! Eek!! http://www.brahmsmount.com/linen-towels.html

Well, Brahms seems to be our resident expert on fibers today. Cotton vs linen http://www.brahmsmount.com/blog/cotton-vs-linen-whats-the-difference/

When I get more money than I need, I will be purchasing linen towels!! http://www.linenme.com/news/linen-bath-towels-are-gorgeous-functional-and-addictive/

Cotton terry cloth towels invented by this company and still in business!! http://www.christy-towels.com/

There are some days you just need a bubble drink. What did they DO without Dr. Pepper??! 1940’s coca cola bottles! http://tinyurl.com/OLcokebottles


Well, I suppose I need to get this out.  You will get more as the week progresses!!  A small confession, I did binge watch “The Vicar of Dibbley”.  It’s hilarious!!  You will see quite a few famous faces in it.  I, of course, will see what my crazy week brings and so I will close with……

Respectfully submitted,

woodzey1, ResearcherScreen Shot 2015-08-02 at 4.38.32 PM

Mrs. Fitz, Moderator  Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 4.38.58 PM


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