Let’s Read a Book….Or 2 DIA Week 2 7-10

Slide1Been trying to divide my time more evenly.  <<sigh>>  A little here, a little there! I do feel guilty, just a little, though, listening to my husband put more mud on the drywall while I sit and visit with you all.  I keep him fed and watered, though, so I don’t totally ignore him!!  I’ll post a picture more towards the end.  He’s working and I don’t want to call attention to the fact that I’m not!

I am starting with Chapter 6 information since I wigged out of it last week.  Gosh, I taught myself the hard way that saving the blog to type, church and no nap on Sunday’s is TOOooooooo much!!  funny-demotivational-posters-stressedAnd before I begin Chapter 6, I MUST post this YouTube that Bear McCreary posted:  Bear’s bagpipes: http://youtu.be/FJK9qAUQdAE   I knew I liked this guy!!

Well, what a way to begin a chapter…..puking your guts out! I was so lucky with my first, no morning sickness, but the second??? OMG! We kept saltines on the night stand and DH was willing and ready to go make hot water for tea! My Jamie and I didn’t even know it yet! The woman who would become by children’s babysitter had a great remedy for nausea, pour a little hot tea over a saltine and sprinkle some sugar over it.  Her mother was British, so I wonder if that came from her? Worked like a charm!!

Here’s a clinical look at something most of us have suffered: Morning sickness

When beginning the research on Hock, I thought I would hit a wall, but Hock is still made and enjoyed over the world.  I’ll have to look and see if my favorite liquor store carries it!  http://macadoodles.com/  Hock is not listed, though 😥



Had to learn a new word, did you?  https://www.google.com/search?sclient=psy-ab&btnG=Search&q=deliquescence

Le Havre a real place to visit!

Carbochon ruby:  If you didn’t realize, a carbochon is a rounded, polished stone with a flat back.  It has no facets to sparkle, but the result is still beautiful!! I’d take one! Ruby is my birthstone, so I have a few lovely rings, but not a carbochon.

Now, when Jamie comes home from his first visit with Jared, he is in a quandary over the color of Claire’s eyes.  Not that she gets it right away as he is speaking as if she can see in his “heid” as many a drunk person does! No, I don’t know by personal example!!

Colors of sherry, whisky and brandy

“Jamie,” I said, “how, exactly, do you decide whether you’re drunk?”
Aroused by my voice, he swayed alarmingly to one side, but caught himself on the edge of the mantelpiece. His eyes drifted around the room, then fixed on my face. For an instant, they blazed clear and pellucid with intelligence.
“Och, easy, Sassenach. If ye can stand up, you’re not drunk.” He let go of the mantelpiece, took a step toward me, and crumpled slowly onto the hearth, eyes blank, and a wide, sweet smile on his dreaming face.
“Oh,” I said.”

Excerpt From: Gabaldon, Diana. “Dragonfly in Amber.” Bantam Books, 2010. iBooks.
This material may be protected by copyright.

Cute little hedgehogs.  These probably aren’t the kind Claire and Jamie had experienced!  Hedgehogs

Since costumes for Season 2 are being watched like a hawk (eagle?) I’m confused, but they both have sharp eyes!!CM7ngXvWIAAUcOJ.jpg_largeCM7u3XaWcAA7ceS

here are some photos of business men of the 18th century.  What does a successful businessman look like in 1744?

Belle Rouge port real or DG?? I think DG!  When I googled it, LOTS of things popped up, but no ports.  Got girls in red, Baton Rouge (like I didn’t know how to spell) The only thing spelled exactly the same was chickens.  Yes, chickens, so here are the ‘girls’!!  http://www.violethillfarm.com/belle-rouge-chicken

Three masted ships w/two canons: apologies, some of these are models. Not hunting anymore tonight. You can scan as quickly as I can!! Find The Arabella yourself! 😁😝http://tinyurl.com/Threemastedships (this was researched a few nights ago.  Remember, I’m trying to pace myself!!)
Here is one for sail–sale, sans canons because it’s modern. I could live on this! http://akasiayachting.com/3-masted-57-m-steel-schooner

Some more ship information. Reefed and tied sails-http://m.wikihow.com/Reef-a-Sail
Pictures: http://tinyurl.com/Reefedandtied

Bowsprit http://tinyurl.com/OLbowsprit


I always wanted to do a barefoot or windjammer cruise. http://www.windjammercruises.com/ http://www.barefootsailingcruises.com/ Gosh, what a thing to put on my bucket list!!!

If you’re just an off the shelf wine drinker, like I am, and buy it because you recognize the name or just like the name, then here are some sites for you to dig into so you sound SMART about wine!

A sommelier is a wine steward. Become one here! http://www.mastersommeliers.org/pages.aspx/certified-sommelier-exam

If you’re a wino, I mean a wine drinker, you will adore this article!! Info on describing wine flavors!! http://theweek.com/articles/452606/17-disgusting-descriptions-delicious-wines

And this wine tasting article has a morality lesson attached!! http://www.forbes.com/sites/rahimkanani/2012/06/22/consider-yourself-an-expert-think-again/

Patois – http://i.word.com/idictionary/patois

Taffrail- https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taffrail

Pinhão-Top of the list? Port wine! http://www.virtualtourist.com/travel/Europe/Portugal/Distrito_de_Vila_Real/Pinhao-282879/Things_To_Do-Pinhao-TG-C-1.html

Was the sickness policy to really set fire to the ship?    I looked and looked and reworded and looked some more for this policy.  It made sense but never did find confirmation of it.  The idea sure helped set up conflict in the book for months! And IF you’ve read “The Space Between” years of conflict!!

Marlin-spikes-Gosh, gave me heart failure when this popped on screen. Nope, I wouldn’t mess with a wiry guy carrying one of these!! Jared’s men were WELL armed!!

Rue Tremoulins-to heck with if this is a real street in Paris or not!! You HAVE to explore this site!! Outlander World has been mapped out in google earth!! There are symbols all over the map. Explore till your silly, oops, that’s us already, and till your heart’s content doesn’t apply, either. Just have fun with this!! Tilt and enlarge until you see France/England if you’re using a phone. You’ll get it! If you open it on computer it will ask you if you want to open in google earth. OMG OMG OMG and you think _I_ went to a lot of work!  This is truly amazing!!



Jarod’s opinion of wives😉😉 “Jared told me once that a man of business should never form entanglements with unmarried ladies—he said they demand too much in terms of expense and time. And if ye marry them, they’ll run through your money and you’ll end up a pauper.”
“Fine opinion he’s got of wives,” I said. “What does he think of your marrying, in spite of all this helpful advice?”
Jamie laughed. “Well, I havena got any money to start with, so I can hardly be worse off. He thinks you’re verra decorative; he says I must buy ye a new gown, though.”

Excerpt From: Gabaldon, Diana. “Dragonfly in Amber.” Bantam Books, 2010. iBooks.
This material may be protected by copyright.

For the fabric challenged!   Plissé – fabric that has a pucker http://tinyurl.com/OLsilkplise
Charmeuse-Lots of ads but very enlightening! Wisegeek is actually a good site! Just cramped when on my phone.  I’ll post some pix, too! http://m.wisegeek.org/what-is-charmeuse.htm

Pictures of Charmeuse  http://tinyurl.com/CharmeuseOL

Annalise de Marillac—- ooooo!! The new girl on the block to despise! She has the nerve to act possessive of Jamie while at court! Worse than Leghair!!  Never thought I’d ever say that!

Jamie’s jealous possessiveness! 😂😂😂  I thought I saw sketches of “the red dress” earlier in it’s life, but no one seems to know what I’m talking about and I didn’t see them on Terry’s site, so I must be crazy.  I did find some lovely, lovely courtier outfits.  I didn’t find any too reveling, though.  Maybe I should have said X-rated courtier clothing 😱

French court dress from 18th century

This was a new word to me, though I maybe, MAYBE should’ve known it’s American definition, which I didn’t….Parterres-http://tinyurl.com/OLpaterres  American def is a theatre term.

Here’s another OMG site!! There are people who seriously get with this programming stuff!  Wow!  The Palace at Versailles is breath taking!  Gardens of Versailles OMG!! This is an interactive site and don’t be afraid to touch buttons and toggle between map and satellite! I want to play on it instead of going on!!

The Humors – It describes what the ‘ancients’ thought of how the body worked and how to cure it.  What would your status be?

This is a test of the humor broadcasting system TAKE it!! Much better explanation than the above site!

A pretty cool interactive explanation of Humors!! http://www.passionsandtempers.com/v1/page.php?l=en&p=test
If you look in the fourth paragraph, you will see links to humours and there is one for test.  Look at both.  You will be smarter.  The humours show up in a lot more books as it was the philosophy of the time that Claire is living in.

Cabalists-this is more difficult to define. I think it’s based on a mystical Jewish sect but there are some mean websites when I google it with no real definition! @Writer_DG what’s up with that?!!

More for the ‘fabrically’ challenged! Moiré-history of: http://vintagefashionguild.org/fabric-resource/moire/
Modern colors-http://www.libafabrics.com/bengaline-moire
Historic pictures-http://tinyurl.com/historicmoire

Nick names for willie and the psychology??- this is very unlike me but the time of night I was looking for this made all bets off! It’s pretty funny and, well, it’s just funny!! http://thelapine.ca/most-us-males-pet-name-their-penises/  


Dog chasing pigeons  http://youtu.be/2dOqwlwr50A

***And what famous game is C quoting: “Go to hell, Jamie,” I said at last, wiping my eyes. “Go directly to hell. Do not pass Go. Do not collect two hundred dollars. There. Do you feel better now?”
“Aye, I do,” he said, his expression lightening. “When ye start to talk daft, I know you’re all right.”

Excerpt From: Gabaldon, Diana. “Dragonfly in Amber.” Bantam Books, 2010. iBooks.
This material may be protected by copyright.

***The Duke and Jack Randall??!!🙈😳🙈😤😱😡
No, it’s Alex Randall. Wow! What a relief?  Were you freaking???  I was!

Arpège is a famous fragrance.  Where have _I_ been??    https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arp%C3%A8ge
Bottles http://tinyurl.com/OLArp-ge

L’Heure Bleu purchase some from Sephora!! http://m.sephora.com/product/P0766

And when we think it can’t get more romantic, DG gives us this!!

“D’ye mind the blood vow that I swore ye when we wed?”
“Yes, I think so. ‘Blood of my blood, bone of my bone …’ ”
“I give ye my body, that we may be one,” he finished. “Aye, and I have kept that vow, Sassenach, and so have you.” He turned me slightly, and one hand cupped itself gently over the tiny swell of my stomach.”
“Blood of my blood,” he whispered, “and bone of my bone. You carry me within ye, Claire, and ye canna leave me now, no matter what happens. You are mine, always, if ye will it or no, if ye want me or nay. Mine, and I wilna let ye go.”
I put a hand over his, pressing it against me.
“No,” I said softly, “nor can you leave me.”
“No,” he said, half-smiling. “For I have kept the last of the vow as well.”
“He clasped both hands about me, and bowed his head on my shoulder, so I could feel the warm breath of the words upon my ear, whispered to the dark.
“For I give ye my spirit, ’til our life shall be done.”

Excerpt From: Gabaldon, Diana. “Dragonfly in Amber.” Bantam Books, 2010. iBooks.
This material may be protected by copyright.

Under 2000 words!  So proud!

Oh, the bathroom is coming along.  The cabinets and counter top are ordered, flooring is picked out and here.  Must pick a paint color.  We might have a functional bathroom in a week!! It only took 3 years.  👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏photo-4 photo-3Respectfully submitted,

@woodzey1, Researcher Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 4.38.32 PM@b304SMN, ModeratorScreen Shot 2015-08-02 at 4.38.58 PM


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