To See or Not to See, That Is the Question

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The Art of Aging

ND GIF            What do I need with eyes?

I’ve hit another small bump along the aging highway.  My vision is getting worse due to both cataracts and glaucoma!  When I realized this could cause legal if not total blindness, I became very depressed about some of the things I would never see again.  In no particular order, they were:  Husband’s face, daughters’ faces, dog’s face, checkbook balance, colors, art, movies, trees, books, flowers, etc. etc.  If you put these two pictures together, this is what my vision is like now.

cataract2Vision with Cataracts

glaucoma2Vision with Glaucoma

I see things fuzzy with a lighted halo around them.  To ease your fears and mine, there are many ways to treat these diseases.  However, I couldn’t let this pass without exploring the funny things that can happen with impaired vision.  And then the snark began…..

First of all, I will be much happier when I look…

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