Let’s Talk An Epi……….Or 16 A Tweener Book Convo

Slide1Halloooooo!!  I have been rooked into being DH’s sous carpenter today.  Is that a phrase? Well, it is now! So ‘tween handing him tools, getting water and offering opinions on the bathroom renovation that has been in the making for 3 years  (don’t ask!!) and cooking three meals, I am beginning this blog on what we book club members have been avoiding ……The Show!  Now, I’m not going to rail on what is wrong.  I’m going to go on about what went RIGHT!  In re ( re re re re) watching and reading I have found places that are word for word and action by action exactly from the book and I have found new additions to OL that I absolutely adore, so since this is my blog and I get to type aboot what E-verrrrrrr I desirrrrrrre, then we are going to explore

Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 12.42.21 PM

I will mark “Not Book Accurate” as “NBA” and “Mostly Book Accurate” as MBA, so you can just zip it if I go on how I love something not in the book.  😋

So let’s begin with Casting!! I’m a visual learner.  I can hear and learn, but I do best when I see to learn. I’m learning to let go of some visuals, like notes on a page of music, but I sure enjoy (re) reading the books even more now that I have a person to insert.  I LOVE what the casting department did for Outlander.  It helped to have readers of the book sitting in on the cattle call, I mean, casting call.  Here’s a lovely article from 2 years ago.

Casting of Sam and Tobias:   http://www.threeifbyspace.net/2013/08/casting-continues-for-starz-outlander/#.VcUCtLdbuEI

In Herself’s and Himself’s words with Maril, too!!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o2yR_wDZmfs

Now that I have seen all the Highlanders and Mrs. Fitz and even Laoghaire (better known as Leghair) I can’t even try to picture anyone else in their roles.  Maybe Angus…..but since I absolutely love Rrrrruuuuuppppppeeeerrrrrtttttt and Angus together, I just don’t want to imagine anyone else anymore!!!  I just will not find fault with any casting!!


Costuming is such a subtle art in this show.  Terry’s vision has probably been a long time coming because she has been a fan of the books for a long time.  I love how she fights for her costumes that give us our characters and while she wins certain points, she is gracious in her defeats (like the pearls, maybe not “gracious” but she moves on!).  Loved her reposting of Beth’s blog on the costumes http://bethwesson.com/2015/06/24/heres-to-the-costumes-what-a-fan-learned-from-outlander/ Here it is if you haven’t had a chance to read it.

I, of course, am drawn to the knitwear for the women and the felted bonnets for the men.  I am more of a knitter than a crocheter.  I’ve never felted unless by accident.  Had a lovely wool cable knit sweater that was made doll size.  Should’ve kept it. I can knit lace and use double points.  I love turning heels on socks! It’s fascinating and very mathematical.  Would love to meet the man, yes, probably a man, who figured it out.  Well, maybe (k)not…. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_knitting  Scotland is mentioned, btw!  PS. I still haven’t finished that pair of socks.  I MUST stop that kind of behavior!!  Anywhoooo…..This show has tapped into the knitting revival of this century and has fueled a Unicorn to crochet for Sam’s charity as well as countless sites where you can purchase Outlander inspired knits.  I still want to make a pair…Or 2 of fingerless mitts.

The hand embroidery and laces have enthralled us all as well.  Claire’s dress for the gathering, of course, the wedding gown.  I received a needle tatting set from a friend.  The time it took me to finally get 3 circles with picot’s was disheartening, but I will continue to plug away.  As I have said before, it’s hard having so many hobbies that take 2 hands.  Some of them are getting neglected!! I also used to own every imaginable color of DNC threads including silver and gold.  That has gone to the wayside, as well.  I will have to revive it, though. I stained a favorite shirt and after seeing Terry’s creations with embroidery, I’ve decided to ‘fix’ my shirt like I used to salvage my favorite jean shorts.  Gosh, I miss those shorts.  Well, I miss the size I was to fit in those shorts even more.  <<sigh>>

As to sewing, I loved the sleeves that were laced on.  I don’t know if I’d seen that  before, but it sure was an enjoyable visual for me on the costumes.  Set in sleeves are such a pain, even in modern times.  What a shame that sewing isn’t taught in my school district anymore.  My Home Ec (FACS-Family and Consumer Sciences, now) teacher had us build an apron without scissors and sewing machines.  She was old school and I benefited from it!! Straight, tiny stitches or it was not allowed!! My seam ripper and I became very good friends.  😜 –An aside–See that emoji??? I just used my computer to make it!! My MAC has an emoji keyboard!!  Love this blog! I’ve learned so much!!  Oh, the short cut to pull it up is control, command, spacebar all at the same time.  How cool is THAT!!–Aside over 😂😂😂  I think they hand sew 8 inch pillows now.  And not very well from the examples I saw through out the years.  Kind of like we don’t have Shop class anymore either.  Another rant for another day, though.

My favorite costumes are Claire’s lingerie set she wears while brushing her hair, all of her and Geillis’ knitwear and coats.  Love the Wedding dress, of course and who can leave out how our Highlanders wear their kilts??!! Love how Herself got berated by Mrs. Fitz on her costume during The Gathering and how Himself (Ron) was on the floor to give his oath in full Highland regalia! Claire in men’s wear is great, too!  The traveling, lonely hearts club outfit with the vest and tricorn hat as she boogie woogied her way through pubs and taverns and her slacks and shirt while she is waiting on Jamie to be rescued are just perfect for what she is doing in those scenes.  Great call, Terry!! And if you haven’t subscribed to Terry’s blog yet, here’s the link.  http://www.terrydresbach.com/  I could really go on, but there is so much more to go and I’m trying to keep the read to under 10 minutes.  Good luck, aye?? READ FASTER! 😉  Terry, you are an inspiration in the dedication to your craft! And kudos to the team you have assembled!

Sets and Second Unit

Where, where, where to begin??!! Scotland can’t be called a set, can it? It is such a fascinatingly rugged place.  I am so looking forward to going and going more than once.  So, Scotland is my favorite set and the 2nd Unit took some amazing shots of the scenery and sequences where our stars were not needed.  Here’s a definition by a second unit director, Peter MacDonald “The most important thing about any second unit is that you can’t tell the difference between the second unit and the first unit. It must have the stamp of the first unit, both in photography and the style of direction. … You try and copy what the first unit does as much as possible. You mustn’t be on an ego trip and try and do your own style, because your material has to cut into theirs and it mustn’t jar, it must fit in exactly so no-one can tell the difference.”  Can’t say enough about all the material that was used to make Outlander a TV show with the feeling of a film.

My favorite sets, put together by Jon Gary Steele, production design (you can follow him on Twitter @jongarysteele, go figure) and Gina Cromwell, set dresser (@gina_cromwell, I HOPE😁 ) are The Great Hall, Beaton’s Surgery, Geillis’ attic realm and Mrs. Fitz’ Kitchen. The DETAILS from bottles and herbs and tables and fireplaces to the carvings and fabrics and dishes.  If I could have just one thing from a set, it would be the apothecary cabinet.  Oh, the stuff I could store in that!!!  Or maybe the wine glasses, gosh! I do love how they repurposed the sets for the taverns and Lallybroch.  Also love how they built a “stream” for the mill scene.  The 1940’s were just as lovely, but to see the 1740’s come alive was the best treat ever!  Thank you Gary and Gina, et al!! Well, I’m coming back to add Mrs. Graham’s kitchen (always wanted a plate rack! I do have one now) and the Reverend’s Study (always wanted floor to ceiling book shelves).  I’m going to have to add more, I’m sure.

Music-What can I say?  It was perfect!! Here is Bear’s blog link  http://www.bearmccreary.com/#category/blog/

Now for what took three pages of notes even when using one liners and abbreviations……


🎶”Let’s start at the very beginning…”🎶    The hills are alive with the sound of gun fire  (ah hah hah ahhhhhhh)  Oh, wrong movie! I appreciated all the 1940’s scenes, truly, Sassenach, but twas the 1740’s that got to my soul.  There are a few, so let’s begin ……

Mrs. Graham tells a future……

Frank sees a ghost…..

The Stones of the Rising Sun…..

Claire’s tripping through stones…..

Dislocation location…..

Jamie and Claire’s first argument…..

Meeting Mistress FitzGibbons…..

Fireplace Confessions…..

Atmospheric Hall of Torture or a good man takes a beating …..MBA

Translation of “The Way Home”…..

Jamie and Claire’s collision at sundown…..

Jamie’s Oath…..

The boar tynchal and the demise of Geordie….

Raising Jacobite $$$$…..

Barroom Blitz…..NBA …..funny all the same!!

St. Ninian’s Spring…..NBA…..but maybe better? Grinding corn kept us amused for a verra long time…..

The Wedding Episode–All of it–Don’t care about NBA at the moment…..hmmmmmm…..

Munro-ing ….. MBA

Facing off with the Grants….. MBA

How to succeed at knifing without really trying….. MBA

British (getting their just) deserters…..

Jamie in the window…..

Jamie getting TO in the window….. NBA

Jamie and Claire’s second fight….. MBA

The Reckon’d with…..MBA

The Geillis and Dougal version of “Catcher in the Eye”….. NBA

Seeing Laoghaire lurking….. NBA

Courtroom antics….. NBA …..You can NOT deny that Geillis’ f**king BBQ wasn’t a hit!

Claire’s confessions of 🎶All That Is True🎶….. MBA but we forgive because they squeezed in the honesty line, mostly

…..A good bit easier if you’d only been a witch…..

On your feet soldier…..NBA….. but love the parallel to the trip to Castle Leoch

Jenny has a thing or twa to say…..MBA

Ian is busier keeping the peace than a one-legged man in a butt kicking contest…..Oh, he IS a one-legged man 😜 MBA

The over-all feeling at Lallybroch of a normal disfunctional family that we all are a part of…..NBA

The mill…..MBA…..but are you REALLY going to complain that there weren’t red flannel underdrawers??? REALLY??

The North Facing Tower…..MBA…..wrong place

Taking on the Watch fires…..NBA, but who didn’t love seeing Sam in a fight scene, and if you didn’t….. SHUT UP!! My blog!!

Monday is Wash Day…..Claire’s interaction with Little Jamie, priceless!


Love’s Labour Lost, or Jenny begets Maggie…..

Claire leading the troops into battle…..NBA

Now comes the tricky part…..The dreaded Episodes 15 and 16.  I cannot say that I looked forward to any of the scenes in these episodes when they were between Jamie and Black Jack or Claire and Black Jack or Marley and Claire or Claire and the wuffs (on purpose from another book) Seeing them on-screen, sans the wuffs, was some of the most horrific torture and most brilliantly acted scenes I have EVER witnessed.  I watch all kinds of films.  I’m not afraid of suspense.  I am a CSI/NCIS/Criminal Minds addict as well, and they have inferred some awful things, and even shown some very bloody shots, but because Outlander is on Starz, the freedom these actors had to reenact the soul wrenching breakdown of our hero blew all expectations out of the water.  Was it book accurate? Not always, but it captured the anguish and ripping apart of all that was Jamie.  I have not re re re re watched these episodes like the others.  They are burned on my mind with almost complete accuracy because of the realistic way in which Sam, Tobias and Cait portrayed them.  I haven’t even watched them again for this blog.  I just wanted a paragraph with the gist of what they were…….

There are some good things, though, like meeting the original Jamie that began this whole wonderful Outlander journey, obsession, _no_ journey.  It sounds less crazy. 😆

Marley gets his!…. (Yes, I can be violent😱) I dearly loved seeing BJR’s assistant hit the deck.

The nailing of Jamie’s hand was an amazing piece of melding CGI, prosthetics and Sam’s acting.

Claire and the long and winding road…..NBA but seeing her pace and wait for the wagon was just spot on to the situation.

Claire’s final confession….NBA <<sigh>> I said I wouldn’t rail on what was missing, but I did want more Father Anselm and all of the mineral spring. Not the two at the same time, though!!

The Ship, The Ship…. NBA but the final scene and a pull away shot and them sailing into the sunset, was there a sunset? I was too enthralled with the smile on Jamie’s face and his arms around Claire to notice😊

Finally (FINALLY)

I want to thank Ron (and all) for the podcasts that kept us informed of motivations for some of their decisions.  And all the bts bits that were published to keep us titillated or amused or both were so well received! I have never been involved with a fandom before and I am so grateful for all the tidbits (as Terry is fond of saying for S2) they dropped for us along the way.  Matt’s teaser set photos had everyone scrambling to find scenes and Maril correcting the rumor mills all added to the joy on SM!!  This show has brought fandoms to a new height, bonded book readers to each other like nothing I have EVER seen before and put a lot of us on social media who never DREAMED of being so ensconced in Twitter.

Well, I’m sure I missed some things, but 2,292 2,406 words later, I do believe there was quite a lot the show got right!!

Respectfully submitted,

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